VIP tickets allow you access to another session at the end of a live show where available. This session is a ‘QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION ONLY’. You can put questions to Carol about spirit or any other relevant question and hopefully, she can give you the answer you are looking for. This session normally runs for around 30mins or so. FRONT rows seating is reserved for VIP ticket holders but we can NOT guarantee you a seat. At times general ticket holders sit down and fill up spaces. We hope you understand that we ask those without VIP tickets to sit in the appropriate seats but this sometimes falls on deaf ears. Seats are allocated on a first-come basis only.


Providing a full psychic & medium floor show for your clients. Audiences are blown away by the accuracy, laughter, and tears that one of these demonstrations provides. Please call to discuss.

CALL 07840099207


Online readings

You will receive a personal reading as if you were sitting next to the medium. During online readings, Carol uses mediumship which allows her to connect with spirit and loved ones who have passed over. Bringing forward messages that show you they are still around. This can be a great healing and comfort to the sitter. She also uses cards and these let her use her psychic abilities. During a reading session, Carol covers things like work, love, money, and more. You also get to ask anything that maybe never came out.

Readings normally last for half an hour. After you purchase a reading you can choose a time that is available. A list of appointment times will be sent to you, these are day and night time appointments. The cost is currently £60.

Larger parties are welcomed.

Link to Event Page: Personal Tarot Reading.